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If you have questions or you encounter problems while using Villo! you can contact us:


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Or you can take a look at our FAQ.


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General Conditions

of Access and Use of the  Villo!

How can I subscribe online?

In just a few clicks you can subscribe online on our website
•1. Choose the offer and type of card that are right for you;
•2. Fill in your personal data and accept the General Conditions of Access and Use;
•3. Proceed with the payment of your subscription: you can pay by bank card or direct debit.
To get subscribed quicker, we recommend paying by bank card.
If you have a STIB MOBIB card and you choose to pay by bank card you are immediately subscribed.

What methods of payment are available?

When subscribing you will be asked or choose a method of payment.
You can either pay immediately using your bank card (the payment is completely secure). The accepted bank cards are Visa and Mastercard.
Or you can pay by direct debit. In which case you print out a form at the end of your subscription and send it to us by post (JCDecaux - Villo! - Allée Verte 56, 1000 Brussels). Your request will be processed by our team.
Due to practical reasons and because of the specific nature of the service, it is not possible to pay in cash.

I forgot to include some information in my subscription. What should I do?

If there is a document missing, our client service will get into contact with you to inform you about the missing information.

How can I activate my Villo! subscription?

When you subscribe, you will be asked to choose the offer and type of card that you wish to link your subscription to.
If you have opted for a MOBIB card, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your subscription number and an activation code that will allow you to activate your yearly subscription on the MOBIB card. To activate your card you have to go to one of the Villo! terminals. Take your MOBIB card with you, the activation code and the secret code you used when subscribing. You can immediately make use of the service.
If you opt for a Villo! card, the card will be sent to you by post and you will receive it within a period of 15 days. To activate your subscription card when you want to use the Villo! service for the first time, you have to scan the Villo! card at the terminal and accept the General Conditions of Acces and Use.

What is an activation code?

With this code you can activate your Villo! card if you have opted to access the service with any card other than the Villo! card (a MOBIB card for example). This code is sent to you by e-mail following your subscription and allows you to activate your card at one of the Villo! docking stations when hiring a Villo! for the first time.

A MOBIB subscription: how does it work?

Fill in the subscription form on our website ( mentioning the number of your MOBIB travel card. You have to fill in your bank details so we can withdraw the cost of your transfers when they exceed the first free half hour per transfer as well as the yearly subscription cost of 34,70€ and to guarantee us a bond.

How can I transfer my Villo! subscription to my MOBIB card?

Call the Villo! call center on 078/05.11.10 (cost of a local call). They will assist you in transferring the Villo! subscription on your MOBIB card. We will send you a link code that will allow you to activate your Villo! subscription on your MOBIB card. The change is immediately registered and you will be able to use your MOBIB card on the Villo! network without having to wait.

I have a new MOBIB card. What do I have to do?

If you have a new MOBIB card, whether it is duplicate or not, you will have to contact us at 078/05.11.10 to obtain a new link code to link your MOBIB travel card to Villo!. One of our employees will give you a new link code for free so you can make use of the service again.

How can I find out the amount that will be debited to my account?

If you have a yearly subscription, you can always check your balance on your Villo! account at the terminal by identifying yourself or on the website in the section « My account » and even via the mobile app AllBikesNow.

I just renewed my credit card and there has been €1 debited to my account. Why is that?

We withdraw 1€ from your account to check the validity of your card. This amount is however immediately transferred into your client account and will be automatically deducted from the cost of your transfers.



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